I have worked with the amsterdamfoodie for years now. We started out by making menu cards for her Hidden Kitchen project, many moons ago.  After that, we worked together in her cookbook, and I then styled/designed her website and created her new logo. Many stylistic choices were already established when we started this project (fonts and colors mainly), but we managed to create a clean modern look and a responsive user friendly website.

The artichoke has always been the image of the amsterdamfoodie. In her own words: '(...)there's something elegant and ritualistic and decadent about artichokes - they're not something you eat every day; they have something "exclusive" about them. They also have a very specific technique to eating them - you need to learn how to prepare and eat an artichoke, otherwise you will make/eat something horrible. Plus, they are beautiful to look at, and I love the sensuousness of the colours on the inside when you cut them in half. The symbolism of this (I hope) is that my blog is written by someone who is a connoisseur - someone who knows what they are doing in the land of food, and is gourmet enough to understand artichokes.(...)'

 For her new logo, I found a hand painted watercolour artichoke image to contrast the clean and modern font that Vicky was already using for the site.